The XtraLife™ coating is mixture of Zinc and Aluminium specifically designed to extend the working life of the steel wire used in X™ fence®.


The XtraLife™ coating is made up of two layers which form a barrier between the raw steel and the corrosive elements in the environment such as salt and moisture. These two layers have different purposes.


The inner layer forms the passive barrier. It is made of a iron-aluminium-zinc intermetallic, rich in aluminium. It is highly abrasion resistant, stopping deep nicks and scratches in the coating from exposing the raw steel.


The outer layer is a 'sacrificial' layer made of zinc and aluminium. When the raw steel wire becomes exposed to corrosive elements in the air, the zinc in this coating will corrode first so that the steel is protected for a longer period of time.


In addition to having superior corrosive resistance, XtraLife™ is more ductile than other zinc galvanised coatings, which can be hard and brittle. The coating is less likely to crack under pressure from animals or impacts from vehicles or machinery, providing further protection for the steel wire.


X™ fence also features the unique X™ knot. Find out why it offers more strength than other fabricated netting.

With testing conducted at Belmont Beach in Australia - a severe coastal environment - results showed that XtraLife™ offers twice the life of traditional Class 3 galvanisation.