X™ fence® offers customised solutions for all predator exclusion. From wild pigs to otters, foxes, badgers and rabbits, X™ fence can make a product to fit your need.


Using an apron fold at the top or bottom allows protection from many climbing or burrowing animals, while the smaller-sized squares in the netting prevent most small, ground predators.


The unique manufacturing approach to the X™ knot makes X™ fence® 24% stronger than other netting types while also being more durable. Its strength even makes it self-supporting and prevents it from sagging making it easier and faster to install.


All X™ fence® wire uses the XtraLife™ coating - a mixture of Zinc and Aluminium specifically designed to extend the working life of the steel wire used in X™ fence® to more than twice that of traditional Class 3 galvanisation.


it's the obvious solution to big fencing jobs where fences need to last a lifetime or longer.


Make sure you enquire about an X™ fence® solution to your predator problem!

Whether you're trying to keep ferrets and stoats out of your chickens or if you're trying to keep wild cats out of a conservation area or zoo, X™ fence® can help.